Camp Shuttle Van Driver

Will take direction from the Transportation Coordinator and make runs between transportation hubs (airport, bus, train) and the camp location. Drivers must also be 25 years of age or older.

Drive shuttle van back and forth and back and forth and ... per the schedule outlined by the Transportation Coordinator

NOTE: If you are able to help us get vans from corps hall to camp at 3:30pm on Friday please let us know. ALSO - If you are able to help us get vans back to corps hall at 5pm on Sunday please let us know.

NEW: All Drivers must undergo a background check (on our dime) and submit a photo copy (or clear photo) of the front AND back of their driver's license. PLEASE allow 5 working days to complete.

confirmed: 1   available: 0   Drive Shuttle
confirmed: 2   available: 0   Drive Shuttle. Return Van?

Camp Food Prep/Meal Help

Follow the direction of the Head Cook in preparing, serving, and cleanup of meals. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Help with food prep, cooking, serving, and cleanup of meals. Prep of next meal may start before your shift is concluded. Cleaning and dishwashing are likely as are sweeping/mopping of kitchen and serving area. First shift of camp will also assist in unloading of supplies and setup of kitchen. 

NOTE: NEW shift times are being used this month. The first shift of camp is to get things set up. The last shift of camp (Sunday 9am-2pm) will assist in load out of supplies and full cleanup of kitchen and serving area. Our host facility must be left clean so we can be allowed to use it again. After the meal is served, we need everyone to help load supplies into the truck and/or clean and we need 1-2 people to sweep and mop the floor. Everyone should be done well prior to show-n-tell at 3pm if we all work together. Janet and Orlando can help direct you with tasks.

FYI - All Working Volunteers may get in the food line as soon as the students and staff have gone through.

confirmed: 3   available: 0   Breakfast
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confirmed: 4   available: 3   Lunch/Pack-up/Clean/Mop

Camp Box Truck Load/Transport/Unload

Help get necessary food and equipment between the Ascend office and the camp location.

At least one person needs to be 25 or older and drive the box truck. Any other ages can help to load or unload the truck with all the food and kitchen equipment needed for camp. 

  • On Friday - Help load the box truck at the Ascend office/warehouse and transport TO the camp location for the weekend. Help unload at the camp.
  • On Sunday - Help load the box truck at the camp location and help transport back TO the Ascend office/warehouse. Help unload at the Ascend.

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confirmed: 2   available: 1   Camp to warehouse.

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